Monday, July 12, 2010

The Vindictive Me

All this while I’ve been fuckin’ around,
Foolin’ around as I used to do,
Wrapp’d up, lock’d up, coop’d up,
But till then I was waiting for you.
You hit me, you stabbed me, but I went ahead.
And now I have come so far that I cannot return from the dead.

(Even though) I wanna be back,
(Even though) I wanna regain myself,
(Even though) I wanna make things right,
But you just want me to bleed all over again..
(Even though) I wanna pull through,
(Even though) I try to be strong
(Even though) the scar remains,
But you just want me to bleed all over again..

In my presence you epitomize me
The bitching starts when I’m gone
Who the fuck do you think you are
That you’ll screw everything I live upon?
Only you can have bloody expectations from me
And I gotta burst mah ass for you
Failing which, you try to kick mah ass
As if I’ma hoe for you (that’s true).

(Even though) I knew I was a dumbass
(Even though) I should have made it fast
(Even though) I knew it’s mah own life
But I just didn’t know how to get the better of you…
(And now) I have had enough
(And now) I’m gonna screw you up,
(And now), you’re gonna pay for them,
All that you’ve done to me over and over again…

You lack the spirit I have
You lack the courage I have
You lack the attitude I have
Now get ready, ‘coz you’ll be fuck’d up
And I… I… and only I will do the honour..
That’s meeh.. the vindictive meeh..

You’re gonna repent for this
That’s for sure…